The 6th International agricultural conference «Where the margin 2015»

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SAMBROS_CONSULTING_IKAR_MARGA_ban_234x60_engRepresented sponsors and new members at the 6th International agricultural conference «Where the margin 2015».

 The conference has received official support from the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The Conference «Where the margin is 2015» will be held on February 06, 2014, in the Radisson Slavianskaya Hotel in Moscow.


6-th International Conference for agricultural producers and suppliers of agricultural inputs and services is meant for agricultural producers, farm land investors, inputs manufacturers, dealers and distributors, financiers, insurers, agribusiness investors, policy makers.


The organizers Express their gratitude to the sponsors of the Conference: companies AGCO, NUFARM GmbH&Ko.KG and SwissRe.


Main topics:

  • Sanctions, anti-sanctions, macroeconomics: what are the resultant vectors for domestic agricultural players.

Who is to win, who is to lose. Discuss together: how to squeeze out maximum and not to lose minimum

  • World agriculture: situation and outlook

  • Regional and crop margins: lessons to be learned from the past seasons and scenario forecast for 2015/16

  • Big data seriously and forever: high-tech in agriculture.

How to keep up with global context. First big public discussion in Russia with participation of reputable foreign experts

  • Government regulation of agriculture: most painful topics.

As usual, open discussion with participation of key leaders of Russian agribusiness associations, agribusinessmen, government employees.

Among registered Conference participants:

Investprom-Opt LLC, NUFARM GmbH& Co.KG, Plodorodie LLC, NCH Capital Russia, AgroTerra Logistica LLC, Sovhoz imeni Kirova (Stavropol), Vilion LLC (Tambov), Cargill, Nobel Oil, JSC AVGUST Inc., BUHLER AG, Altai Flour Mills, Dominant LLC, CNH Industrial, Sodrugestvo, Elevator-Consulting LLC, Razdolie (Volgograd), AgroManagement, Rusagro-Invest LLC, TRINFICO Property Management, Nizhegorodsky maslo — girovoy kombinat, Monsanto Rus LLC, Voronezh Grain Company LLC, Novosibirsk food corporation Ltd., AGRICO LLC, U.S. Wheat Associates, Center Soya, COOP Prikubanski, US Embassy, Foreign Agricultural Service, Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt, Demetra OJS, MB Seed Corporation, Agribusiness LLC, ASB Management Co, Zolotoy Kolos LLC, Marks & Sokolov, Solnechniye Produkty LLC, TRIO XXI, Russkij Dom, E D & F Man LLC, TPK Agro-Trade (Agroholding Ak Bars), Bunge CIS LLC, RZ Agro Group / Russkaya Zemlya LLC, Alcochem Rus LLC, Bayer CropScience, Armada LLC, Malteurop Russia, Trading Company Russian Oils LLC, Krasnodarzernoproduct-Expo and others

Among the invited and confirmed experts:

  • Mr. Andrey Volkov, Deputy Minister, Russian Ministry of Agriculture (subject to last moment FMs) is to dwell upon the government regulation of the main agricultural commodity markets.

  • Mr. Dmitry Yuriev, Deputy Minister, Russian Ministry of Agriculture (subject to last moment FMs) is to dwell upon the most recent changes in the state agricultural program 2013—2020.

  • Prof. William Wilson, NDSU State University (Fargo, USA) is to update the conference participants with the newest development in the world crop production and marketing systems, and economics.

  • Dr. Andrey Klepach, Vnesheconombank Deputy Chairman (Chief Economist) – Member of the Board.

As usual, among the 2014 Conference speakers are to be:

  • Key industry financiers and investors
  • Technological leaders
  • Reps of leading domestic agricultural and agribusiness companies

  • High ranking reps of key state regulatory and ag policies agencies

During all the conference lifetime the IKAR team of analysts will be available for informal talks on various vertical commodity markets, such as grains, oilseeds, sugar, meats and dairy.

We believe the Conference will stimulate the exchange of news and new ideas, establish new business contacts, and contribute to better corporate strategies and government decisions.

Over the previous four years, the Conference has become the highest caliber event covering CIS agricultural sector. It features the most qualified speakers, attendance of the highest ranking agribusiness executives, and a large productive capacity (since inception, the «land bank» of attending companies increased from 2.7 to 5.2 MHA of arable land).

The conference is meant for big and biggest agricultural producers, ag inputs manufacturers, dealers and distributors, financiers, insurers, agricultural and agribusiness investors, policy makers.

The purpose of the Conference is to create the platform where agricultural producers and their counterparts along the vertical supply chain meet together and have a complex discussion on opportunities and challenges of the upcoming crop marketing year and the years ahead.

Farmland and farm investments: why Russia?

  • 112 MHA of arable land

  • Including 70 MHA of perennial crop farmland

  • Land lease: up to 49 years

  • Unlike neighboring Ukraine and Kazakhstan land market exist for last decade: millions of hectares are already in hands of private owners and investors

  • Land: still substantially undervalued regarding margin/price

  • Foreigners: full rights to land lease, have right to buy land if establish Russian company: more than 2.7 MHA is already under control of foreign operators, including 1 MHA in ownership

  • Competitive advantage in small grains production: number 2 to 4 world wheat exporter, highest wheat yields CAGR among all key competitors. 2014/15: to be record high country’s wheat export

  • Aggressively growing niche and less-developed industry branches, such as pulses, commercial vegetables, greenhouses, etc.

  • Aggressively growing commercial animal protein sector: an incredible 15+% CAGR in commercial poultry and swine sectors during 2004—2012 period

  • Strong state support to agriculture

  • One of biggest European food consumption markets

  • Sanctions are painful, but paradoxically, create new strong opportunities for many domestic ag production and processing sectors.

Please send your questions or call to:, +7-495-2329007 (ext. 1970, 1972, 1974)

Materials of the previous conferences "Where the margin is"


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