The Company undertakes market research of agricultural commodity producers of the South of Russia

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The Company undertakes market research of agricultural commodity producers of the South of Russia (Rostov Region, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories).

We search for agronomic crops with the required characteristics for a customer. We provide contact information of commodity producers who have a commercial batch of the required crop as at the date of the research, to a customer (telephone, full name of a director).

Service fee – 60% prepayment; 40% upon the provision of contact data to the customer

We do not trade (undertake agency transactions), perform customs clearance of any cargos or charter any vessels.

In the case of need, we may provide assistance for an extra charge:
preliminary negotiations (translation of correspondence from Russian into English and vice versa), and organization of a meeting with the management of an agricultural company (farmer);
expert examination of a supply contract entered into, from the point of view of its correctness and tax minimization.


Alexander  SAMBROS




Unfortunately, my knowledge of English is not good enough for oral business communication.

Sending e-mails would be much more effective at the moment.  Thank you !!!!



Basic services:

  • market analysis;
  • Integrated promotion of goods (products, works, services);
  • consulting (marketing, HR, IT), accounting, auditing, or legal services;
  • organizational diagnostics of a company (group of companies);
  • optimization of an organizational structure, rational distribution of functions between structural subdivisions, managers, and employees;
  • improvement of a system for recruitment, performance review, retraining, and advanced professional training of the personnel;
  • systems for advanced professional self-training for the top management on Management, Finance, and Marketing;
  • activities of an information agency: publicity for selected target audiences
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